Flare Systems

Project Engineering Business Division is engaged in design , manufacture, supply, installation & commissioning of flare systems, flare components, burners for industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizers, steel etc. We have state of the art manufacturing facility based at Pune (India) for fabrication of flare systems. We also execute projects on turnkey basis. From over two decades Project Engineering Business Division has executed various prestigious projects and has supplied more than 150 flare packages to various industries in India and largest exporter for Middle Eastern Countries. We are approved vendor for KOC, PDO, DODSAL, TAKEER, ADGAS, GASCO, ADMA-OPCO, ABB-Global, EIL, L&T, LINDE-Global etc.

  • Elevated Flares

    The use of elevated flares is particularly important where toxic gases are burnt and height is required to assist dispersion or the radiation from the flare flame has to be kept within safe limits at ground level.

    2. 1. Derrick supported
    3. 2. Self supported
    4. 3. Guy Rope/Wired supported
  • Enclosed Ground Flares

    Enclosed Ground flares conform to the general requirement that flaring and disposal may take place at low level. In populated areas or in close proximity to other processing equipments, ground flares are used to burn gas without smoke and with no visible flame. The combustion chamber is insulated to provide long service life and it reduces noise levels significantly.

  • Mobile Flares

    Mobile flare systems are used for multiple purposes and for multiple applications. If a section of a pipeline needs to be repaired or inspected, mobile flare system can be used to dispose of the contents of the pipeline.

  • Burn Pit Flares

    The main use of a burn pit is to dispose of liquid or mixed liquid/vapour reliefs, generally as emergency flow on an intermittent basis when blowing down pipelines or vessels.

  • Offshore Flares

    We design the flare system for the offshore applications.

    1. Types:
    2. 1. HP flare system
    3. 2. LP flare system
  • Vent Stack

    Design, manufacture and supply of vent stacks for Oil & Gas industries.


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IOCL Completion

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UFS Completion


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