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Heat Exchanger

Ador Welding Ltd is one of top leading company preferred by major International Engineering companies as Pressure vessel manufacturer, and for its unique and high quality of pressure vessel design and heat exchanger design. Ador specialize in fabrication of carbon steels, low alloy chrome-moly steel in high temperature services, nickel bearing steel in cryogenic services, austenitic stainless steel in corrosive and oxidizing reducing environment , duplex stainless steel in corrosive and chloride rich fluids.

A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between a solid object and a fluid, or between two or more fluids. The liquids might be isolated by a strong divider to forestall blending or they might be in coordinate contact. They are widely used in space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power stations, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural-gas processing, and sewage treatment. The exemplary case of a warmth exchanger is found in an inside ignition motor in which a circling liquid known as motor coolant moves through radiator curls and wind currents past the loops, which cools the coolant and warms the approaching air. Another case is the warmth sink, which is a latent warmth exchanger that exchanges the warmth created by an electronic or a mechanical gadget to a liquid medium, regularly air or a fluid coolant. A pressure vessel is a holder intended to hold gases or fluids at a weight significantly not quite the same as the surrounding weight. Pressure vessels can be perilous, and lethal mishaps have happened in the historical backdrop of their advancement and operation. Subsequently, pressure vessel configuration, fabricate, and operation is controlled by designing specialists sponsored by enactment. Consequently, the meaning of a pressure vessel changes from nation to nation.

The configuration includes parameters, for example, most extreme safe working weight and temperature, wellbeing factor, consumption recompense and least outline temperature (for weak crack). Development is tried utilizing nondestructive testing, for example, ultrasonic testing, radiography, and weight tests. Hydrostatic tests utilize water, yet pneumatic tests utilize air or another gas. Hydrostatic testing is favored, on the grounds that it is a more secure strategy, as substantially less vitality is discharged if a crack happens amid the test (water does not quickly expand its volume when fast depressurization happens, not at all like gases like air, which flop violently). We also have Processing Equipment for sale.

Ador are 'U stamp', 'NB stamp' & 'R stamp' certified and approved vendors for Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Essar Projects, Tata Consulting Engineers, Linde-Global, NALCO, VATECH WABAG, HOERBIGER, KPCL, EIL, Toyo etc.

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