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Code of Conduct for Employees

Employees of the Company constitute "MANPOWER" in the best sense of the word. This Code of Conduct is aimed at regulating that "power" through compliances with norms, practices and laws that govern employee behavior in various operations and at different work levels.



  • Ethical business practices: Adoption of ethical practices in all organizational functions as well as in representing the company to the statutory / government authorities.
  • Relationship with business partners: Maintaining good relations with all business partners and enlisting supplier support so that ADOR consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations of quality, cost and delivery.
  • Equal employment opportunities: Ensuring that Merit, Qualifications and other job related criteria are the sole basis for all employment-related decisions.
  • Health Safety and environmental protection: Providing a safe and healthy environment to avoid adverse impact and injury to the environment and taking appropriate measures to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Financial controls and records: Properly recording, preserving and reporting financial information to investors, statutory bodies, share holders and others and maintaining a system of internal accounting controls.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest: Devoting time and energy in the best interest of the company and not undertaking any other company's work directly or indirectly.


  • Responsibilities of Managers relating to the Code of Conduct: Managers must ensure that the code of conduct is followed in letter and spirit within the organization.
  • Responsibility of all employees relating to the Code of Conduct: Employees must have basic understanding of each policy pertaining to their jobs and follow them.
  • Adhering to the code of conduct: The company shall take disciplinary action in the event of violation of the Code of Conduct which may be categorized into the following three types : Personal and behavioral issues; Personal integrity and loyalty issues; Organizational Issues

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